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Canadian Truck Workforce will be Decreased by 2024

Over the next 10 years Canada is believed to undergo a shortage of tractor trailer drivers by 2024. Although the industry is one of the most profitable [...]

Heavy Truck and Trailer Lower Greenhouse Emissions

Efforts to Lower Heavy Trucks/Tractor Trailer Emissions

For the past couple of years there has been a societal shift towards the care of the environment, especially in regard to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. In 2014 [...]

The Official Owner Operator Guide

The Official Owner Operator Guide

Become An Owner Operator – Follow this Official Owner Operator Guide Are you a driver who is looking to purchase your own truck in the future? In [...]

Buy Used Equipment and Heavy Duty Trucks

Reasons to Own Used Construction Equipment and Commercial Trucks in 2017!

At  Universal Truck Sales, we understand that without the right heavy equipment, you may be sacrificing your livelihood. If we can understand that fact, [...]

Hino Truck For Sale

Hino’s taking over the North American Truck Market

Hino’s have slowly taken over the North American Truck Market. When we look back 30 years in the trucking industry, we’ve seen the transition go from [...]

mack attack

A Look at How Suspension System Works

Mostly all vehicles, from two-wheel motorcycles for 18-wheel trucks and trailers use some sort of suspension system. Suspension system seems to be simple [...]


How business needs should guide your truck choice?

We all are free to make our own choices. Running a successful business is not an easy job. Usually all businesses need trucks. Your business doesn’t [...]

Best Canadian Truck Dealers

Advantages of Buying Trucks in Canada

If you are living in the United States in Detroit, New York, Cleveland or anywhere close to the Canadian Border, you can save money by buying a truck in [...]

Universal Truck Sales, Mississauga Used Truck Dealer

Why Buy from a Commercial Truck Dealer in Mississauga, Ontario?

Finding the right commercial truck is important to any owner operator or business owner looking to drive or add onto their fleet. Buying a truck that is [...]

Synthetic oil

Choosing the Right Motor Oil for Your Truck

Motor oil is the bloodline of any vehicle as it can even help prevent unnecessary and unexpected truck malfunctions. Using the right motor oil will improve [...]


Questions to ask before buying your next commercial truck or truck body.

  Purchasing a new truck is a serious financial investment for an owner operator or someone trying to buy another truck for their fleet. When someone [...]


Comparison Guide for Kenworth, Peterbilt and Hino Trucks

Have you ever wondered why people buy certain trucks? This month we are looking into why customers buy certain truck brands. The three brands we will be [...]

Universal Truck Sales - Rebuilding Trucks and Modelling Trucks

Customize Your Truck

With our van body repair division, we have the ability to customize any truck as needed. Confused about the options available, follow our customization [...]

Used Truck with Happy Man

Advantages of Buying A Used Truck Over A New Truck

A lot of questions come into mind for a first time transportation truck buyer of whether they should buy a used truck or a new truck. Are you someone who [...]