Advantages of Buying Trucks in Canada

April 4, 2016 - Canadian Heavy Truck Sales, Canadian Truck Dealers, Heavy Trucks, Mississauga Truck Sales

If you are living in the United States in Detroit, New York, Cleveland or anywhere close to the Canadian Border, you can save money by buying a truck in Canada (at Universal Truck Sales 90 Mins from Canadian Border).

With the current state of the currency market, it is the right time for American individuals and American companies to save thousands of dollars by buying a truck in Canada (Universal Truck Sales, Mississauga). As of Monday April 4th, 2016 the exchange rate is:

Buy a Truck in Canada and take advantage of the Canadian Dollar
$100 United States Dollars = $130.30 Canadian Dollars

At this point in time, when Americans are buying any sort of product in Canada, they are getting 30% more on their dollar. If a Kenworth truck is costing approximately $50 000 USD (with taxes $53 000 USD) in Detroit, and in Canada it is costing $50 000 CAD (with taxes $56 500), the savings on the American buying the truck in Canada is high.

$50 000 USD = $65 000 CAD

Even with Canadian taxes being higher than the United States (Approx 7% more) Americans will still be saving a large portion of money. If the hypothetical Kenworth is purchased in Canada, the American company or individual will have $8500 CAD or $6517.45 USD. Every dollar in savings helps companies and families in the long term. At Universal Truck Sales we encourage our neighbours in the South to come down to Mississauga and check out our inventory. American companies and American drivers should come across the Canadian Border and save money by buying Trucks from Canada.

Our team at Universal Truck Sales will help you organize all the forms required for customs in getting the truck back to the States. If you are an American Company or Owner Operator from Buffalo, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston or any other American City close to the Canadian Border, now is the time to capitalize on the exchange rate.

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