Choosing the Right Motor Oil for Your Truck

March 9, 2016 - Truck Modifications, Van Body Repairs

Motor oil is the bloodline of any vehicle as it can even help prevent unnecessary and unexpected truck malfunctions. Using the right motor oil will improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Oil is used to grease and cool moving parts, keep them clean and help to seal the pistons in the cylinders. To keep your engine cool and lubricated, you need to make sure it has enough motor oil—but which kind? Let us compare the two types of oil: synthetic oil and regular motor oil to see what suits your needs.

These are two type’s of oil’s like:

  1. Synthetic oil
  2. Regular motor oil

Synthetic oil

Between the two oils, synthetic oil is the more expensive type and it is also one that is superior in performance. First off, synthetic oil is better than regular oil when it comes to its form and function.
It has the ability to handle extreme high temperatures without breaking down. Synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds that are made (synthesized). But it’s also synthesized from other raw materials. Synthetic lubricants are manufactured using chemical modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil.

Synthetics beat, regular motor oils in providing more protection for your trucks like:

Regular motor oil

Regular motor oil is designed to help your engine work better and extend engine life, and comes at a lower cost than synthetic oil. Regular motor oil is a lubricant that is derived from crude oil.
It provides reliable performance as a lubricant, and when refined, provides valuable gasoline products. It has excellent properties that allow it to provide lubrication at high temperatures.
A few benefits of regular motor oil’s are:

Choosing synthetic or regular motor oil


The biggest difference between synthetic and regular motor oils is the cost. Synthetic oil is best in durability and performance, but this advanced oil technology doesn’t come cheap. That’s why a synthetic oil change can cost over twice as much as regular oil.
It’s also true that synthetic oil lasts much longer than regular oil, so the short-term costs brings a longer-term solution.


The main difference between synthetic and conventional motor oils is performance. For starters, synthetic motor oils can handle extreme high temperatures without breaking down.
Synthetics have the ability to help engines generate more horsepower and achieve better fuel efficiency.

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