Comparison Guide for Kenworth, Peterbilt and Hino Trucks

February 10, 2016 - Heavy Trucks, Truck Driver Guide, Truck Sales

Have you ever wondered why people buy certain trucks? This month we are looking into why customers buy certain truck brands. The three brands we will be looking into will be Kenworth, Peterbilt and Hino. Peterbilt and Kenworth’s are both manufactured by a lead innovation design company called Paccar, an American based company. And Hino is a Japanese manufactured brand that has assembly plants in Canada and other countries.


The Kenworth brand is manufactured in the United States and Australia. It is a brand that focuses on high quality for trucks and buses. Specifically for trucks, the Kenworth brand is known as the premium brand of the trucking world. The Kenworth brand is known as one of the most expensive brands in the trucking world as it maintains a high level of performance. Kenworth’s are being sold across the Toronto, but the advantage of buying from Universal Truck Sales is we have a wide range of Kenworth trucks always in stock.

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DID YOU KNOW? Peterbilt and Kenworth are owned by the same company called Paccar.

The Peterbilt brand is manufactured in the United States and Quebec. Peterbilt focuses specifically on manufacturing trucks and sleepers with a higher level of comfortability for the drivers. Peterbilt is known as one of the superior brands when it comes to big rigs. Most customer’s desire a Peterbilt because it has a good resale value as a used truck. Some brands tend to depreciate faster than a Peterbilt. It is a trusted brand that Universal Truck Sales always has in stock to serve their Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto customers.

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The Hino brand is a Japanese manufacturing brand that is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. The company has assembly plants in different countries throughout the world including Canada and the United States. The Hino brand is advertised as the brand that is most cost efficient. It is considered one of the most affordable trucking brands (especially compared to Kenworth and Peterbilt). Hino’s have become one of the most popular brands internationally when it comes to medium sized-heavy duty trucks.

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Whether you are choosing a Kenworth, Peterbilt or Hino, our team at Universal Truck Sales can educate you on the specific advantages/disadvantages of each specific truck in our inventory. Our trained staff is capable of providing you the knowledge you need to purchase your truck. We know it is a large financial investment to purchase a truck and we have the educated team ready on hand to help you with this decision. Browse through our inventory to find the right truck for you.

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