Hino’s taking over the North American Truck Market

May 9, 2016 - Canadian Truck Dealers, Heavy Trucks

Hino’s have slowly taken over the North American Truck Market. When we look back 30 years in the trucking industry, we’ve seen the transition go from Peterbilts, Kenworths, and Internationals towards the revolution of Hinos. I believe it is an indication of how our economy/engineering has been able to compete in the international market.


Better Pricing

The pricing for brands created and manufactured in North America has always been more expensive than brands established in Japan. We can compare the purchases of regular drivers in North America purchasing Toyotas, Nissans and other Japanese cars, while their local manufacturers are facing a decrease in sales as the years go on. The fact is that North America and Japan both have different business operating costs, and the Japanese car and truck market has continuously made an effort to provide low cost with high quality (improved quality). With their improved quality that developed over the years for Hino Trucks, more and more North American truck drivers are making the move to Hinos.

Manufactured in Japan

Hino is a Japanese truck manufacturing company that produces light and medium-duty trucks to the international market. There is a constant transition for truck drivers, as many who started with the more traditional North American brands are now purchasing Hinos. Hinos are being purchased a lot in Canada, and that is why recently in April 2016, Hino announced an expansion of their Woodstock plant to be increased by 43 000 Square Feet. This expansion was announced after the company celebrated its 10 years for the Woodstock plant in Ontario, Canada. This expansion is for more products to be manufactured locally instead of importing them from Japan. With Hino expanding their facility in Canada, it shows confidence of the company’s ability to continue to grow in the North American market.

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